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Born and raised in the city of Beira, Mozambique  along with her mother and 7 brother Nilsa has been living in Switzerland for 17 years and has just released her fourth solo album titled "Salada Mocambiçana - Mozambican Salad". In this album she has worked intensively with the traditional grooves and rhythms of her native land, Mozambique.

Mozambique is culturally rich and diverse in rhythm. In the central part of Mozambique the  predominant rhythm  is called  Mandoa, in the south part of Mozambique Marrabenta and Ngalanga are the most prominent rhythms. In the north part of Mozambique there are calm rhythms with Arabic influence, this type of music is accompanied by a traditional dance called Tufo, these rhythms are integrated in the new album that is worth to take time to listen to. 

Nilsa’s work remain closer to her roots, not only with the rhythms of Beira, the central part of Mozambique as well as the rhythms of the north and south part of Mozambique, hence the name " “Salada Mocambicana” meaning the mixture of Mozambican Rhythms or “Mozambican Salad"

Nilsa’s  focus and inspiration is linked to Mozambique, especially prevailing  problems, such as the unemployment, talented, lively, intelligent youth living without any perspective of decent and prosperous life. The song  "Isakele" (nr.6)  does reflect these issues.  

The song “Vunza” (No. 11) speaks of the cultural values that the old generation should continue to share with and transmit to the new generation to ensure the preservation of the mozambican culture from generation to generation. 

Nilsa  sings in Portuguese, Sena, Spanish and English. 

Her interest in music and dance began in her early age. She used to play, dance and sing with her brothers in the backyard of the house using hand-made instruments. At the age of 14, she participated for the first time in a musical contest where she was awarded the first prize. 

With that first musical contest and the prize, everything changed. She gained a taste for the stage and the joy of singing. At the age of 16 she was invited to join the group Djovana (Nilsa, Helio, Remigio, Municua), a project created by two Swiss musicians  (Marcel Rutschmann and Markus Keusen) whose aim was to form a mozambican band and to make an international cultural and musical interchange . The band recorded the album titled  "Djovana arrived” and conducted live performances  in Switzerland, South Africa and Germany with great success. 

At the age of 21 she moved to Switzerland where she studied music at the jazz school in Bern and began her solo music career. Together with her husband Rolf Mosele (guitarist) they formed a band.


Nilsa has recorded 4 albums, namely:

“Mamã “ in 2005
“Aphale” in 2010
“Eu sou de cor” in 2012
“Salada moçambicana“ in 2018

In her first solo album "Mamã" there is a lot of rap presence, with a mix of AfroPop, Reggae, Ragga.
In the subsequent albums, Nilsa “the Rap singer” adopted different style. She is a singer, a songwriter and a true and authentic artist who sings and enchants in her songs which begin with ballads and end in an energetic entertainment of the apogee of the dance. 

Concerts and participation of invited musicians.

Nilsa and his Band have been performing several concerts in Switzerland and Germany. They have played in places like Moods in Zurich, Proger in Bern, Mühle Hunziker, jazz festival in Montreux, kenaku festival in Berlin among others.

She was able to make her name in the music scene with her idiosyncratic and energetic style. She delights the audience and even makes the more timid people in the audience to dance, and in this way managed to convince several good musicians to take part in her live concerts as well as participate in recordings with her.

She had the pleasure and privilege to sing with great musicians such as Freda Goodlett (funk Brotherhood) Steff la Cheffe, Mr.Arsen, René Mosele, Greis, Dabu Fantastic, Famara, Torpedo Girl, JJs Hausband, Grand Mother's Funk, also with international stars such as Dobet Gnahoré, Georg Grunz, Eric Wainaina , Akil The MC (Jurassic 5).


Nilsa is currently promoting her new album “Salada Moçambicana”. You can listen Nilsa new album in spotify, Deezer, apple music or order a CD.

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